1945: Steppenwolf bassist (’69 to’72 & ’74 to ’76), George Biondi, enters the world.

1955: Although Bill Haley & the Comets quickly became one of the biggest acts in the U.S.

1955: Band leader Mitch Miller had the US No.1 with a song that was written in 1853, ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas.’

1962: After playing a lunchtime show at The Cavern in Liverpool, The Beatles played the first of three Monday night gigs at The Queen’s Hall, Widnes, Cheshire.

1966: At No. 1 today is Donovan with “Sunshine Superman.”

1966: The Four Tops enter the singles chart with “Reach Out I’ll Be There.” The song eventually becomes their second chart-topper.

1968: After a two week absence, Ringo Starr rejoined The Beatles. Upon Ringo’s return to the studio, he found his drum kit covered with flowers to welcome him back.

1975: An all-star jam session took place at a party in Los Angeles for actor Peter Sellers’ 50th Birthday.

1977: The month after his death, Elvis Presley had 27 albums and 9 singles in the Top 100 charts in the UK.

1979: Frank Zappa releases ‘Joe’s Garage Act I,’ followed two months later by ‘Joe’s Garage, Acts II & III.’ Zappa describes his magnum opus as “a stupid story about how the government is going to try to do away with music.”

1982: The three day US Festival in San Bernardino, California took place featuring, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, The Cars, Talking Heads, The Kinks, Ramones, B52’s, The English Beat, Gang Of Four, The Grateful Dead, Pat Benatar, Jackson Browne.

1983: Eurythmics: ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ hits no. 1 on the US 45.

1989: ‘Pump,’ the cornerstone album of Aerosmith’s post-sobriety renaissance, is released.

1991: During a European tour, Nirvana recorded ‘Dumb’, ‘Drain You’ and ‘Endless Nameless’ at Maida Vale studios in London for the BBC Radio 1 John Peel show.

1999: The largest music bootleg bust in US history was made. It was estimated that this one operation alone was responsible for $100 million in lost revenues.

2002: The Rolling Stones 40th anniversary Licks tour kicked off at the Fleet Centre Boston.

2004: Sir Cliff Richard stunned the music industry by ending his contract with EMI records and signing with Eminem’s label Universal Music.

2005: The Rolling Stones performed at Magnetic Hill Concert Site in Moncton to 89,260 fans, making it the largest music event ever in Atlantic Canada.

2006: Hundreds of Paris Hilton albums were tampered with in record stores in Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and London in the latest stunt by “guerrilla artist” Banksy.

2006: Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘SexyBack’ his first UK No.1 hit.

2008: Metallica have just premiered the video for their single “The Day That Never Comes” on their MySpace page.

2008: Heavy metal band Slipknot scored their first US number one album – but only after a recount put them ahead of rapper The Game’s latest release.

2009: Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet world became the highest grossing tour ever for a solo artist tour making $408m (£250m). The 51 year old singer had performed in 32 countries.

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